1. Drive from Bangor to Houlton on Interstate 95 (I-95).
  2. Exit the Interstate on exit 302 into Houlton.
  3. At the light, take a left on to Route 1.
  4. Travel 7 miles until you hit Littleton, continue straight.
  5. Travel 7 more miles until you enter Monticello, again continue straight.
  6. 7 more miles down the road is Bridgewater, keep going straight.
  7. 7 more miles on Route 1 and you enter the town of Mars Hill.
  8. In Mars Hill there is a fork in the road with a gas station in the middle. Take a left, and continue on Route 1.
  9. About 16 miles down the road, you will be in the City of Presque Isle.
  10. Go all the way through town, straight. Cross the Bridge and continue straight.
  11. Almost There!!! Now you are only 13 miles from Caribou!
  12. Now, when you reach Caribou there is another fork in the road with The Caribou Inn and Convention Center in between, take a left, on Route 164 and follow for 1.5miles.
  13. We are on the right side of the road marked by a BIG Yellow sign.

I Hope these directions were helpful and I hope you enjoy your stay with us!
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